I know there is more to Foreign Policy than war, such as; negotiating with countries on climate change, relief aid, and peace talks. Policing other nations who need help and imposing sanctions on other nations who interfere with US affairs, both here and abroad. Not to mention, working out trade agreements for both inbound and outbound goods and services. But, for me, this is one of the hardest subjects to talk about because I do not know that much about the overall interaction of most countries. I have friends all around the world that tell me all the time how stupid Americans are for not knowing what is going on in the rest of the world. I also continuously hear how America is continually getting involved in politics and other issues around the world that we have no right to be involved with since they are not about us. But, is this the fault of the people, or is it because of the media not reporting all of the facts?

America’s foreign policy has evolved over the years, reflecting the changes in its national interest amidst each president, the actions of other countries, and often with how the public opinion dictates. I believe the US military needs to be pulled out of most countries around the world where an official declaration of war has never been officially declared, constant fighting is ongoing, and no formal invitation has ever been extended. Congress has not officially declared a war since World War II leaving the United States currently involved in approximately 134 undeclared wars around the world. The way this is being accomplished is by calling these wars, conflicts. By pulling our troops out of these conflicts, we may create instability in the areas we pull our troops out. So, why is America involved in these wars? Many of them are considered to a part of the war on terrorism or part of the war on drugs. But, many of them are simple conflicts that America is involved with as a policing agency.

While these are my feelings on this subject, I know I do not grasp this subject adequately. As president, I will sit down with the military advisors and international representatives to determine how necessary it is for our troops to be in each situation. I also want to sit down with leaders from other countries to better understand their needs from us as a nation. I want to have a summit with the countries where there is an ongoing conflict between drug cartels and terrorist groups to understand better what involvement is needed from the US.

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